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Think “ for events” with a built-in planning tool on top

Evendo is the world’s first end-to-end event marketplace, facilitating effortless planning, streamlined booking, and the seamless execution of events, through both its innovative and intuitive design. As you read this, there is currently no identifiable match or competition to Evendo worldwide.

Within a remarkably short period of time, Evendo has become the largest event portal in Denmark and is confidently prepared to conquer the sector as the new “ for events”. In other words, the primary booking portal for all kinds of visitor experiences.

During the first year of operations in Copenhagen Denmark, more than 50,000 event experiences were booked through Evendo.  Each order sees a positive net contribution – or Return on Adspend.

Evendo is ready to scale!

Evendo was founded in 2015 by experienced entrepreneurs with several international success stories – including the Sitecore growth phenomenon, recently acquired by EQT for more than €1 billion.

The Market

More than 100 million smaller company events, such as department events, teambuilding etc, are being organised each year. In addition, a series of private events, such as weddings, birthday parties, bachelor parties – or simply a day out with good friends – occur on a regular basis.

Despite this vastly growing market, the event industry has not yet seen same digitisation as flight and hotel bookings for example. Although the hotel market, according to Morgan Stanley and the Statistical Brain Institute is “only” approximated at €74bn. Whereas the comparative event market is approximated to be in excess of €464bn. You do the math…

Current approach

At present events are still laboriously being planned and booked manually. Communication with suppliers is still based on the phone and e-mail model – thus incorporating lengthy response times, lacking efficiency, and diminishing productivity for all parties. As events are typically composed through different supply chains and multiple elements – making all of the variables meet up, is often very time-consuming, when attempting to create the perfect occasion.

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if there was a platform allowing event organisers to efficiently plan, seamlessly book across suppliers, and even assist in the highly demanding exercise of executing the event itself?

There is now… and it is Evendo.

How it works

Evendo aggregates and categorises products and services from an extensive number of suppliers, whilst providing ease of access and full transparency for the user. Our innovative and intuitive planning tool allows for budget overview, detailed planning and structuring of the day, as well as delivering alerts and assistance during the planning process. The platform is securely integrated with the categorised inventory; so once the user has structured their day, identifying appropriate products and services – it simply takes a matter of moments, rather than hours or days to complete the process. Once the itinerary is in place, Evendo’s booking engine reserves all products and services from the various suppliers with a single click. No need to call, write, or even wait on anyone whatsoever… The intuitive Evendo Wallet app guides the user through the event itself, providing a full itinerary, overview, transportation guidelines, geographical awareness – and conveniently all relevant documentation in one place. The result is a “second-to-none” efficiency when planning and executing events.

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