Financial Goals

Evendo utilizes outlook based on historical performance data. The “Current outlook” is based solely on the markets with current or known activities; Denmark, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Although it is the intention of the company to scale significantly into additional markets, this has not been included in the current outlooks due to level of uncertainty on timing.

Current Outlook

The current goals are based on activities in known markets, where Evendo has commercial activity at this point or where such is being prepared. Such markets are Denmark, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The outlook does not include any increase in market coverage, and no addition of further markets.

2019 numbers are based 1:1 on historical performance in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please refer to following page for elaboration on financial outlook method.

Earnings & Investments

While each market individually is expected to produce positive earnings, continuous investments in the platform, concept and further roll-out are expected. The negative contribution hereof exceed the positive contribution from the markets in 2019, generating a negative consolidated EBITDA, while the market earnings in the following years exceed the continous investments and thus return a positive consolidated EBITDA.

The investments are planned for three primary reasons:

  • Continuously improve the performance of the portal with the purpose of improving customer experience and increasing revenue
  • Staying ahead of future competition, which is expected to arise
  • Prepare the company, platform and concept for further expansion – thus leading to a roll-out scenario with significantly higher revenue potential.

Investments in platform and concept are variables which can and will be adjusted to match the growth ambitions and velocity of the company at any given time. Downscaling these investments will improve EBITDA.

Financial Outlook Method

Test operation in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been executed in a manner allowing Evendo to quantify the performance based on available traffic in a market. By scaling organization and other parameters in similar manner, a “market-based” financial outlook is possible. This provides a high level of accuracy for a growth-company, while at the same time allowing simulation of multiple scenarios.

Financial outlook based on projection
During the operations in Denmark, Evendo has solely performed customer acquisition using Google Adwords. The rationale for this is the ability to “project” performance to other markets. Prior to commencing pre-launch operations in a market, Evendo can obtain detailed information on:

  1. Amount of relevant traffic purchasable in the market
  2. Estimated Cost per Click (visitor)

Comparing these informations with the Danish market, allows Evendo a precise projection of how much traffic can be generated – and what the price hereof will be.

For London, the parameters are:

Amount of traffic purchasable:
12 times Copenhagen
(= 12 times as many visitors)
Price per visitor:
Index 098 compared to Copenhagen
(= 2% cheaper than Copenhagen)

Revenue can be described as:

[Number of Visitors]
* [Conversion Rate]
* [Average Order Size]
= [Revenue]

Utilizing the knowledge of potential Number of Visitors thus allow Evendo to predict the revenue in the market. The associated costs for customer acquisition, organization etc. are scaled in similar manner utilizing algorithms based on findings from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Doing so, the performance numbers of latest Evendo portal have been utilized – as no market will naturally be launched with an older version of the portal.

Financial Outlook Parameters

The below depicts the recorded performance from the Danish market. Customer acquisition has been done with Google Adwords only. These are the exact numbers utilized when assessing expected performance in new markets.

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