The easiest and most efficient way to do events. Period.

The worlds’ first end-to-end event platform, supporting everything from inspiration to planning to product/service/activity identification to budget overview to booking – and even executing the event itself.

We give you efficiency second-to-none in every aspect of event planning and execution, significantly reducing time spent on planning and increasing the likeliness of a successful event.

All you need - in one place

No matter what. No matter where.

Evendo supports you all the way from idea to successful execution

Far too often, we see the task of planning an event underestimated. But, an event is a complex thing – and identifying the right suppliers for the right products at the right time and the right location is even more complex. We know it – and we have tailormade Evendo to support you all the way.

Our intuitive planning tool allows you to structure your day. Selecting the right products is then as easy as tapping into our vast inventory of offerings from hundreds of suppliers. Naturally, we filter away all the irrelevant allowing you to focus only on what matters.

Finally, we book it all for you. One click. All done.

Evendo is 100% free to use

Inspiration & Transparency

Get inspiration and info across 1.000’s of suppliers through the intuitively categorized product offerings.

Evendo aggregates offerings from hundreds of suppliers, streamlines the content and provides full transparency. Use the filters to find exactly what you are looking for – and equally important; remove what you are not interested in. Why waste time considering an activity not matching your group size? Or your budget? Or which is located in the other end of the country?

We make sure, you have all relevant information at hand, ready for you to make a decision when you are ready to do so.


Use the Evendo Planner to structure your event, get overview – and let it help you make sure you do not miss anything

The planner is tightly integrated to our product catalogue. It allows you to structure your day just as you want it. Then, with a single click, it shows you appropriate products and activities matching your event, your timeslot, your preferences. Naturally, we will not present you for products, not available when you want them. Naturally, we will not ask you to investigate availability yourself. We do it all for you.

Our planner assists you further during the planning. It, for instance, calculates traveltime between locations based on the products/activities you select – and alerts you, if you have not allocated sufficient time to reach your next itinerary point.

Why? Because, there are so many things that can go wrong. We have seen most of them, and we know how to help you avoid them. Finally, using the planner will save you an abundance of time, allowing you to focus on what is really important in life.


Book instantly across suppliers and products with one click. Receive everything you need right in your inbox

No more time wasted calling or e-mailing with suppliers. No more dissapointments that the product you put in your plan is no longer available. No more hidden surprises.

Once you are happy with your plan, you simply ask Evendo to take care of the booking of everything. And so we do. Instantly. You receive your full event-package with all relevant vouchers, timeplan etc. directly in your inbox.

Even better: Once booked, your plan will be available in the Evendo Wallet app. Not only have you saved a lot of time planning and booking – you have now also significantly increased the likeliness of a successful event.

During the Event

Let the “Evendo GO” app guide you during your event. All info and vouchers – when/where you need them

Anybody who have tried being in charge of an event knows just how many loose ends need to be perfectly executed to ensure the success. It is not a trivial task. This is why we built Evendo GO to help.

You will have your full itinerary in your Evendo GO. You will have full geographical overview – and detailed navigation from A-B should you desire. You will be alerted when it is time to leave a location, in order to make it to the next in time. You will have direct hotline to both suppliers and Evendo – and you will have all the paperwork in one place. Right where you need it.

Evendo GO eliminates stress and mistakes during the Event itself – and contributes remarkably to a successful event.


Better ways to plan your locations? We will make sure, you are never in doubt. You will always be in control.


Use the built-in planning tool to structure your day, control your budget – and stay on top of things all the way


Our app guides you through a successful event. Constant overview of “where and when” and all papers in one place.


Our planner will alert you, if your plan is off – for instance, if you do not allocate sufficient travel time or other mishaps


Should anything go wrong, rest assured: We are there to help. Always! We offer 24h support – all week.


Too much? Easily narrow down your search and find what you are looking for – and leave out the clutter


Our booking engine performs your bookings in a matter of seconds. No need to call or write. Consider it done!


You are in the drivers seat. You design your event – just the way you want it. No limitations. No constraints.


Not a problem. Work on as many events at a time as you want. Save them and continue later.


There are absolutely NO costs associated with using Evendo. No subscriptions needed. No hidden fees. In fact: We guarantee the best prices!


No matter what you do, with Evendo you have full transparency and full budget bontrol. No more surprises!


Find inspiration amongst the vast array of products and services. Easily categorized for your convenience.

With Evendo you

Plan and book Events in minutes

We support you all the way – and we offer the widest inventory of products and services related to events.