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Our inventory has global reach. With more than half a million activities and experiences around the world, you will easily find something for your audience.


Everything is available in real-time. This ensures you can always provide up-to-date information – and accept bookings to the last minute.


We have made it easy for you. No matter your interaction with Evendo, our “ready-to-go” integration options makes it a blast.


No hidden fees. No cumbersome payment models. No having to wait for your hard-earned commissions. With Evendo it is all transparent.


We will not charge you anything to integrate with Evendo, regardless of which kind of partnership you are looking for. If you succeed, we succeed. Together!

The Evendo ecosystem

By connecting with Evendo, you become a member of the biggest and fastest-growing events-focused ecosystem. By creating symbiosis between organizers, suppliers and participants, Evendo creates a true win-win-win situation for everybody. Best of all; it is easy for you to tap into. If you have great products but lack the audience, Evendo can help you. If you have audience but lack the inventory, Evendo can help you. And if you simply want to embed events into your business, Evendo is the place for you as well.

We buy your traffic - all of it!

Do you run a newspaper, a TV station or similar - and are you looking for new ways to monetize your audience? Or a successful blog, website or instagram account, where you would simply like to be paid for each visitor you somehow send to Evendo? - regardless of whether they book with us or not?

If yes, Evendo Direct is just for you!

World's biggest inventory of event related products and services

Evendo has the biggest bookable inventory of event related products and services – second to none. More than half a million products are instantly available in real-time, from more than 50.000 individual suppliers.

With Evendo, you will find anything from paintball to gokart, climbing to cooking, dining experiences to diving experiences… We could go on. If you can think of it, chances are you can find it with Evendo. One thing is for sure: If you can’t find it here, you probably cannot find it anywhere!

Once you are connecting with Evendo, you will have to do nothing more to benefit from this ever-growing inventory and flow of customers.

Affiliate partners

As an Evendo Affiliate Partner, you gain instant access to our vast inventory – ready for you to promote through your own channels. We will pay you for each visit you generate to our universe – and split commission with you, if your visitors perform bookings with us.

The best way to monetize your audience!

Evendo Affiliate partners generate revenue by generating traffic to By doing so, you monetize the vast inventory of Evendo, helping your audience with efficiency “second-to-none” when organizing events.

Our inventory caters for both private and corporate events – and we have global reach. As an Affiliate Partner you thus have wide options to tailor-make your usage of the inventory and make it match your audience perfectly.

  • Experiences
  • Activities
  • Venues
  • Food & Beverage
  • Rentals
  • Entertainment & Speakers
  • Other

Not only will you be able to utilize the biggest inventory – it is also the most versatile, with products especially curated for events. As a result, your results will be better – and your earnings higher.

Here are a few examples for inspiration:

Inventory partners

As Evendo Inventory Partner, we invite you to promote your inventory through all Evendo channels. We will put your products in front of an audience of private and corporate customers looking to organize Team Events – both also to those of our Channel Partners. We do the promotion. We do the sales. We take the bookings and handle the payments.

The best way to increase your audience!

Evendo offers Inventory Partners a unique opportunity to reach a broad “ready-to-book” audience. Not only will your products be included in the inventory at – it will also be open for distribution through Evendo’s Channel Partners.

With the Evendo Planner, customers at can tailor-make their events and book across all Evendo suppliers. As an Inventory Partner, your inventory will be an integral of the customer experience. This ensures multiple touch-points and an increased probability of booking. You will also be a natural part of the various marketing efforts from Evendo – from SERP to offline books, webinars etc.

Integrating through Evendo’s API is simple and straight-forward. Our datamodel accommodates any and all types of products, price models, cancellation policies etc.

With each booking, we validate availability with your systems to ensure, we do not provide redundant bookings. Once done, we take care of all the practicalities with the customer.

The audience

As Evendo Inventory partner, your inventory will reach a broad audience through multiple channels. Our primary focus is – and we have a preference for products and inventories matching the profile of this. However, we also work with Channel Partners, who integrate to our inventory – and use that fully integrated in their own websites and booking portals. With this, you are not limited to exposure at Customers will be able to find your products whereever there is a match between their demands and your supplies. is the market leader in Team Events – events with typically less than 100 participants, organized by a single person in a department in a big corporation, a small business owner – or a private person looking to organize something memorable. It could be Teambuilding, Product Launches, Client hospitality – or Birthday Parties, Stag Nights etc. in the private hemisphere. More than half of our customers are corporate clients. They typically return more than once, as they organize an average of 5 Team Events per year.

The focus of typically returns significantly larger bookings than seen in other booking portals, primarily due to the larger group size for Team Events.








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Channel partners

As Evendo Channel Partner, you have a deep integration on top of Evendo and our inventory. We offer you the opportunity to seamlessly integrate our vast inventory – or any subset hereof you may desire – into your own inventory, and offer this to your existing customers. In real-time!

The best way to grow your inventory!

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