Applying to our Inventory Programme

How long does it take to hear a response?

We receive a lot of applications, but we always do our best to respond within a few days. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Are there minimum inventory requirements?

No. You are welcome to apply for the inventory Programme if you have an api. When we review applications we focus on the types and quality of products available, and decide whether it’s the right fit for our programme. Evendo reserves the right to reject api feeds that we feel do not align with our brand or provide an added benefit for our customer base.

General FAQs

Can I earn commission on all products with Evendo? – regardless of type?

Yes. Regardless of which type of product our customer ends up booking through Evendo, you will be entitled to a commission – no exceptions. The commission will vary based on which product, group size etc.

What kind of products do you list?

Anything relevant for amazing events. Our core range includes activities, transportation, venues, entertainment, rental equipment, food & drink and speakers

Do you provide tech support?

Yes we have a dedicated API team purely focused on ensuring the highest level of technical assistance

What countries do you market in?

We currently cover all of Europe, Scandinavia, United States, Australia and selected Asian markets with Evendo.com. However, do not let this limit you as we are launching new markets rapidly.

In addition, our Channel Partners may be covering other geographical areas. If in doubt, please contact us.

What marketing do you perform?

For Evendo.com, we focus our marketing on targeting corporate event organizers through online marketing and social media, providing them with a platform to find and book anything for a great event.

Our Channel Partners may have slightly different focus, audience and marketing strategies – however, the nature of products are the same for all channels.

I sell only to groups can I still list?

Yes, Evendo has been designed so each product has a unique set of parameters. Not only basic information like dates and times, but also group size, fixed location or delivery and type of unit sold. For example we can sell per person, per session, per boat/coach/bus/car – the list is endless, basically however you sell you’ll be able to fit into our platform.

How do I integrate?

API documentation will be made available due the sign up process, at this point your tech team will be able to gauge if your API is suitable and able to connect into Evendo

Can I work with other API programmes?

Yes. Because our programme is not exclusive, you’re free to work with other programmes in addition to Evendo.

How do I see my bookings?

Bookings will be performed directly through the API to your system. This means, the moment a booking is made through Evendo, your systems will be updated. In addition, our systems perform a validation towards your systems, prior to confirming availability to customers.

Further, once you sign up with Evendo you will have access to a variety of reports on your partner dashboard. You will be able to pull reports, and track bookings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and compare these to your own systems.

How will I get paid?

Once an event has taken place and the corresponding voucher is validated we will automatically pay directly into your specified bank account