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The events industry is huge and fragmented. We set out to streamline it – for both suppliers, organizers and participants. Naturally, we cannot do this alone. In order to succeed, we need all to participate. And we want to do our part as well.

We are constantly looking for new and additional ways to make things better. And here, we share our thoughts and findings. We hope you will use them to improve your business and make better events.

How to do successful virtual experiences

It’s no surprise to see more and more events being canceled, postponed or switched into virtual experiences. This has forced people to change their plans and itineraries for the upcoming months and look for online alternatives to this sudden change.

In this publication, Evendo takes you through the process of creating virtual experiences. We tell you the ”do’s” and the ”dont’s” – and we share with you some of the experiences we have had in this field. The technologies. The processes. The outcomes.


Are Virtual Events the next big thing?

During COVID19 a remarkable shift has been seen from “traditional” towards “virtual” Event Experiences. But, does this mean Virtual Events are the future?

Find the answer in this facts-packed publication, based on the most comprehensive analysis of the Events industry to date. It takes you through the development in a variety of different Experience-types – and provides a glimpse into the future and what to expect.

Where are customers looking now and in the future? Which Experiences see the biggest decline in demand? – and where are the winners?

Find the answers here….


COVID19 & Consumer Spending

Where and how do Consumers spend money during COVID19? – and what should you expect “after” COVID19?

A comprehensive guide to how and where to position your business to minimize the impact of COVID19 – and how to pick up faster and more efficient.


COVID19 & Consumer Sentiment

How do Consumers react to COVID19 – and how should you, as an Event supplier, address this?


Promoting Events to Generation Z

What you need to know about promoting Events and Event Experiences to Generation Z.

Members of other generations may depend on the Internet for certain aspects of their lives, but members of Gen Z are in a class of their own when it comes to being online. The Internet plays an almost intrinsic role in their lives, in a way that is unlike any prior generation.


Never settle for average

Incredible experiences — that’s what we’re all about. You’ll find unbeatable experiences, activities, venues – and a lot more – for all occasions and interests on Evendo.

Our journey so far

Opening the world to great events is at the heart of Evendo. Founded by serial entrepreneurs Kasper Larsen (co-founder of a.o. the Unicorn Sitecore) and Evelina Stanel in 2016, with a revolutionary approach to events. As many others, they had experienced the cumbersome process of making the loose ends add up, when organizing events. Frustration led to a defined vision for the future, and our founders decided to change the world of events. The result? A platform that gathers the best experiences, activities, venues, restaurants, bars, transportation – and much more – across the globe, all in one place.


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From humble beginnings in a small office to becoming the industry leader, a lot has changed at Evendo. What hasn’t is our commitment to creating amazing events and ensuring that you love every moment of it.