Successful virtual experiences

Even though onsite experiences provide unique advantages such as face-to-face interactions, the demand for virtual experiences continues to increase, especially now. To see exactly how much, Evendo has published a comprehensive report with market insights – showing a 46% decrease in demand for ”traditional” experiences, and an increase of 241% in demand for virtual.

More companies are restructuring their experiences to offer engagement-driven experiences that extend beyond a computer screen. This has opened the door to new ways of connecting people online whilst also reducing costs.

Many event organizers are still in the “figuring it out” stage. But the truth is that no one knows what the best formula is for each experience. What we do know is that there’s a lot more to a virtual experience than just hosting a webinar. It’s important to have a clear structure to follow when planning.

In this publication, Evendo takes you through the process of creating virtual experiences. We tell you the ”do’s” and the ”dont’s” – and we share with you some of the experiences we have had in this field. The technologies. The processes. The outcomes.

Getting started with Virtual Experiences

For some, doing Virtual Experiences is a completely new thing, while others have been doing – or at least experimenting – with it for a while. We have seen the trends moving in this direction for a while, and the recent lockdowns have seen this accellerating. Regardless of whether you are already doing Virtual Experiences or not, this publication will give you some valuable pointers to succeed in this game.

We have broken the process down into nine simple steps. If you follow these, you significantly increase the probability of a successful product . Although it might seem tempting to skip the first steps and just get going, in our experience it rarely pays off. Preparation is everything!

This document provides you with detailed input on several of these steps – and for those marked in green on this page, Evendo is having its team of experts ready to assist you further. If you need our help, do not hesitate to reach out. We want you to succeed (almost) as much as you do.

Learn how to do successful virtual concepts

While you need to be careful limiting creativity by processes, we show you a few best practices which may very well make your new virtual experience even better.

The idea will need to be so simple. If you are unable to explain it to people in 20 seconds, your idea may be too complicated – do not forget, that with virtual experiences, you are not face-to-face with the participants, so ”managing” their understanding of things is a lot harder than with traditional experiences.

- how to make best use of delivery types....

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